Crossing the line

So apparently there is a line and I like to step across it. I’m a habitual line stepper. And I’m OK with that. But where is the line? I mean, if my line is different to your line then the existence of the line becomes very arbitrary doesn’t it? How can I possibly know I am crossing a line that is different for every person? And more to the point, if you’re being a shit cunt, should I really give a fuck where the line is or even acknowledge its existence?

Let me recount a couple of instances where I have “crossed the line” so you know what I am talking about.

One time I was having banter with a friend of a friend, a nice girl we’ll call Joan. Joan is a solid chick apart from her retarded leftist leanings (like a lot of young women really) so while it was fun going out with her for a drink, her spastic ramblings about politics and Donald Trump on social media was enough cause for me to wind her up every now and again.

Now at this point in the story it is important to note that Joan has a massive gap between her front teeth. This thing is the size of the Grand Canyon and you could put a matchbox between it and not touch the sides.

So we’re having some bantz on Faceberg and to give me shit she posts a photo of a woman holding her thumb and index finger a couple of inches apart as if to imply I have a little dick. My own fingers barely had time to receive a signal from my brain before they hit the keyboard and I shot back “What’s that, the size of the gap between your teeth?”

Joan completely loses her shit. She spills her spaghetti everywhere and gets super upset. Apparently, referring to that cavernous space between her choppers was akin to violently sodomising her and my comment was “below the belt”.

Ostensibly, I had crossed the line.

This seemed weird to me, so I asked her why it was OK for her to imply I had a needle dick but not OK for me to tease her about the ginormous gap in between her teeth? She said it was because there was no way she could know I had a little dick, but the gap between her teeth was obvious.

Well she wasn’t wrong about that, they can probably see that thing from the International Space Station.

I guess the truth hurts. But it was in fact not my intention to hurt Joan’s feelings as like I said, she is really a good stick if not misguided. When I told our mutual friends about our little tête-à-tête they were pretty much unanimous in agreeing I was a slack cunt and had in fact crossed that nebulous “line”. I on the other hand thought it was the height of comedy and still have a bit of a chuckle about it when I think about it. Fuckin great comeback in the clutch in my opinion and personally I think it’s silly to get upset over one’s aesthetic deficiencies. We are who we are and fuck what anyone else thinks, but I digress.

On this occasion I did actually feel bad because while I was being a cunt, I wasn’t trying to be a nasty cunt and be hurtful, I didn’t realise I was crossing the line because it wasn’t my line. I hope if Joan reads this she accepts my apology and there is no bad feelings between us.

I’d be happy to chuck in a tenner to go towards some Polyfilla to plug up that gap haha.

Let me tell you about another occasion where I did know I was crossing the invisible line and was well pleased that I did and am not in the slightest bit sorry.

So a friend of mine posts a meme on Faceberg that complained of millions of pounds being spent on refurbishments of the various British royal palaces but nothing spent on the homeless. I fire back that he needn’t worry about it because England will be a muslim country soon anyway. Some other faggot I don’t know decides to chime in and rudely states I’m stupid. So I bury him with dozens of sources proving these vile sand niggers are responsible for the rape and sexual abuse of hundreds of thousands of young English girls and the hook nosed parasites which run that depraved hive of villainy and scum were not only complicit but made it happen.

Absolutely sickening. His response to the fact countless young girls were raped?

“Err you’re a dick”.

OK now it’s go time fuck fase. That’s your response to hearing about forty years of systematic abuse of innocent white children? That I’m a dick? I told him to jog on and warned him he didn’t want none of this, but he persisted.

You can see the first snippet of this interaction here:

If you’ve watched my ‘Trolling strangers on the internet until they have a meltdown’ video series then you’ll know my first port of call was to check out this cunt’s profile to glean some personal information that I could use against him. Lo and behold, this bottom feeder is married to a negress that’s blacker than Wesley Snipes and they have a half cast mulatto child together. And get this, his wife is a fuckin muslim and they are both wearing full religion of peace garb in their wedding photos!

The term ‘cuck’ does not even begin to describe how pathetic this faggot is and no wonder he was so quick to jump to the defence of mudslime nematodes when he’s fuckin married to one.

So I wreck him again, dumping a bunch of sources showing that Britain will in fact be a majority mudslime country by 2050 at the latest and then I go for the headshot.

“Now I can see why you aren’t worried about the continuation of the white race (your child doesn’t look much like you, I wonder why that could be? LOL)

You can see that part of the conversation here:

I knew invoking his child would get to him. Not only was I getting very personal, but I wanted to make obvious the folly of his choice to miscegenate. His child looks nothing like him, he has completely ruined his genetic line and his kid will likely have a plethora of psychological problems and identity issues and if she comes down with Leukemia good luck finding a suitable bone marrow donor. But that is a topic for another blog post.

At this point my friend steps in to have a go at me, as does his girlfriend, his sister and other people reading the thread.

They took great umbrage that I had crossed the line by bringing his kid into it. Never mind that he was the one that started the insults or was sweeping atrocities against children by mudslimes under the rug, I was now public enemy number one for crossing the line. The epitome of hypocrisy and outright stupidity in my opinion. The way I see it, we were having an argument and he was a massive flog. So at that point it is my sworn duty to say anything that will annoy, enrage and confound my opponent. In that situation there IS NO line. All is fair in love and war, his 6 year old daughter isn’t gonna be reading the exchange so why would I care about some imagined moral turpitude whereby I can’t bring his family into the argument?

Go for the fuckin Achilles heel IMO.

Gavin Handley if you are reading this you are a disgusting racemixing cockroach and there will be plenty of room in the oven for you on the DOTR.

So I guess the point I’m making here is that the “line” is extremely tenuous. Your line is different to my line. Sometimes I don’t know I’m crossing the line. Sometimes I do but in that moment it paradoxically ceases to exist. Sometimes care must be taken to not cross the line in order to not hurt people we don’t want to hurt, other times it is absolutely the correct maneuver to jump as far over that line as possible when dealing with morally defunct gutter trash.

I’m a habitual line stepper, and I’m OK with that.

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